There are great dangers and costs to this journey.

We are a small and devoted team, pouring ourselves into sharing these transmissions.

Help in our goal to pay our artists fairly and make sure the HumanRecord can continue to grow:

For the Tenderness of Now

ReachYou offers a space for people to contemplate the grief and gratitude they are feeling in this time of immense change.

Humane Tech

ReachYou is thoroughly Humane Technology: it's socially responsible, slow-media, allowing us to deepen our own contemplation and our connection to strangers.

Every design consideration is made to slow us down and change our relationship to our phones. No addictive models. No selling out our community.

Just love. And spacetime.

Tribeca Festival

ReachYou will have its world premiere at Tribeca Festival. We're over the moon. But so is our budget.

Any help would be a huge help.

Institutional Support

ReachYou has amazing support from Tribeca Festival, Unity for Humanity, a Transformative Public Art grant from the City of Boston Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture, the Mass Cultural Council, the the Live Arts Boston 2021 grant from the Boston Foundation, and an Awesome Foundation grant.

If your organization would like to bring transmissions to your community, get in touch.

Tribeca Laurel